The story of my ADHD life (Quick read)

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A very small example of my ADHD train of thought: This morning I saw Nikoletta’s homework paper on the kitchen table and remembered she hadn’t finished it last night. She had started it in pen and had made some mistakes so we had said she should finish it in pencil. I looked for a pencil in the pencil holder on the kitchen counter and none of them that I tried were sharpened, so I went into the office to get the electric sharpener. The cord has been missing on the sharpener, I looked around for a minute and didn’t see the cord. I thought I should check for the power specs so I know I have the right cord when I do find one. I looked to see if the specs were printed on the sharpener, but they weren’t, but I did see a model number, so I thought I could look the specs up on the internet. Got my phone out to look that up. By this time I had completely forgotten about the original task – getting Nikoletta to finish her homework paper – and time was running away from me… Yeah. This happens to me all the time.

2 thoughts on “The story of my ADHD life (Quick read)

    1. Maybe she is referring to the fact that her mind slows her thinking down because it jumps from one thing to another? That is an accurate description of what I experience. It can immobilize me at times because I can get distracted and forget where I was a minute ago.


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