7 ways the pop-Christian “Gospel” damages children by Jim Palmer

(1) Telling children that they are born into this world intrinsically bad, absent of inherent worth, and repulsive to God.

(2) Teaching children that their sinfulness is so bad that it left God no choice but to brutalize, torture and kill his son.

(3) Convincing children that there is nothing good inside of them and that they should not trust their thoughts and feelings.

(4) Using fear and shame as a means of binding children to certain beliefs or practices related to God.

(5) Instructing children that God satisfies his holiness by sending the majority of humankind to eternal conscious torment in hell.

(6) Condoning to children a dehumanizing and objectifying view of people deemed as “non-believers.”

(7) Implying that asking questions, critical thinking, nonconformity and the use of reason is a lack of faith and sign of carnality.

Jim Palmer

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