An Alternate Reality?

I saw the image below on a friend’s Facebook and thought I’d make a few comments about it.

What alternate reality does all of this come from? Are people genuinely afraid that they’re going to somehow lose their culture? Do they really think someone wants to take it all away from them?

Kneeling for the anthem is obviously threatening to people. I find it interesting that the butt-hurt comments about kneeling for the anthem never EVER address systemic racism. Yet the protestors have reiterated time and again that that’s what the protest is about. It’s not hatred for America. Are people really that ignorant about this, or could they really full of bigotry and hatred and simply don’t care about systemic racism?

Sadly many ignorant people do equate their Christianity with being an American. While most Americans identify themselves as Christians surely they can recognize the hypocrisy of shoving their religion down the throats of those who don’t believe the way they do and saying that’s the “American” thing to do. Our founding documents prohibited the establishment of a state religion. The freedom of religion (and from religion) is that deep in our DNA.

So what does it mean to be an American? Is it ok to love your flag and take pride in being an American? I think it’s very appropriate. I am proud to be an American. I’m proud to be part of the great American experiment in freedom. I love our history. I love that our founders were the progressives of their day who believed in equality for all. True equality 200 years ago was a crazy dream but that generation started us on that path. Thankfully, over the years since then we have brought that dream closer and closer to a reality. I’m very happy that we have made some progress, and recognize we have a long way to go.

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